Bredts Bulldogs

Bredt's Bulldogs

As an introduction, my name is Paul Berryman and have been owned by
bulldogs since the late 1970’s. I got my first bulldog from the Kettles of
Hounslow Kennels.  I never knew that this bulldog would start a long journey
that has included meeting some great people and travelling throughout North
America in the pursuit of International titles. 

I have held several positions in both the Confederation Bulldog Club and
The Bulldog Club of Central Canada. I am the former Vice President of The Bulldog Club of Central Canada.

I have been blessed to be mentored by some great people along the way
and wish to acknowledge a few. Charles and Flo Kettle were the first
bulldoggers I met and some of my best memories were my visits with
them on Saturday afternoons after hockey games.

It was here that I was taught how to care for bulldogs and shown what to look for when assessing dogs. Charles and Flo would show me each of their dogs and go over their  faults and virtues. Through the Kettles I was able to meet some of the prominent bulldoggers of the time like Albert Farrell, the Jacques, and Ann Aiken to name but a few.

In the late 1980’s, I met a man at a Specialty show that would change my life in bulldogs forever. His name was Elmer Bredt from Philadelphia Pennsylvania.

Right from our first meeting we hit it off. Elmer, bred and owned some of the top bulldogs in the U.S. and was very active at the time in several bulldog clubs, including the Bulldog Club of Philadelphia.

Through Elmer I learned about breeding, showing and reading pedigrees. He shared all his knowledge that he had gained through 50 years in bulldogs. More importantly, he was very generous in allowing me to show some outstanding bulldogs. His final gift to me was willing me the frozen semen of three of his top dogs – Ch Bredt’s Gold Standard, Ch Bredt’s Top Brass and Ch Bredt’s Top Priority. It is because of the generosity of the Bredt family, that I keep the Bredt name on all my dogs.


Just after meeting Elmer Bredt, I was introduced to Chris and Gail Neilson who were campaigning Am/Can Ch. Bredt’s Contender to a National title in Canada at the time. Chris and Gail were very generous in sharing their knowledge of Bulldogs and allowing me to show some of their great bulldogs. Chris was the co-breeder of Am/Can Ch. Bredt’s Top Priority along with Elmer.


Finally, I have to acknowledge Pauline and Dom Devito of NeeNee’s Bulldogs. I met Pauline and Dom in the early 1990’s
at a Specialty Show in Edison N.J and have been friends ever since.

It is nice to have true friends that are there through thick and thin, and that defines our relationship with the Devitos. This was illustrated through Pauline generously giving me 2 top bitches to help resurrect my program.

These bitches are Ch NeeNee’s Touch of Bredt and Ch NeeNee Bredt's Frozen Asset. These two bitches have laid a new foundation at Bredt Bulldogs and I am forever thankful.